The Founding of the Club

The Mason's Collectors Club was founded in 1972 with just a handful of Members, and with the late Reginald Haggar as our mentor.

Reginald was already very well known, not only as an artist, but as a ceramic historian who lived and worked in the Potteries. It was Reginald who encouraged us and showed us how to understand our collections and how to help in discovering more about the Mason's family and their products.

Mason's was a factory about which very little was known at that time and even less had been written about it, so there was very little available in terms of reference material. Very few factory records existed and there appeared to be no records relating to the early Miles Mason period.

Reginald had found out a little but we started to help where we could. The first thing seemed to be to start re-creating a pattern book for the Miles period, which would not only help with patterns and numbers but would gradually introduce the various shapes to us. Once we began to understand a little about that we progressed in leaps and bounds.

Finally, in 1992, we had found enough patterns and shapes to hold an exhibition in the (then new) Hanley Museum (now the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery).

All this was very exciting, we had grown in numbers by then and were a very flourishing group with members in many countries, working hard on discovering more about all the products in the Ironstone period and even later.

Velma Young.

President, Mason's Collectors Club